Biometrics Technology


As security measures become more sophisticated, so we are able to take advantage of technology to safeguard our businesses and assets more effectively than ever before. Ketondo IT solutions are at the forefront of biometric technology development and is proud to be able to offer customers the following biometrics services and facilities.

We can supply, install and monitor world-class products that suit your individual biometric needs and offer training and advice on their use and your overall security set-up. Contact us for your free initial appointment.

Access Control

Control who is entering and leaving your premises with our state-of-the-art access control systems that allow access by fingerprint control, radio-frequency identification (RFID) or facial recognition. These sophisticated devices add an extra layer of protection for your business and integrate seamlessly into your entry and exit protocols. They are weather-proof, hard-wearing and easy to install.

Although our access control systems are highly versatile and reassuring for all kinds of enterprise, they especially suit locations needing enhanced security measures, such as hospitals, schools, server rooms and factories and warehouses containing valuable stock or materials.

Time and Attendance

Keep track of your employees’ movements with our cutting edge time and attendance systems that record people’s fingerprints to create a unique and accurate log of their activity and whereabouts during the working day. Whether you want to analyse working patterns or safeguard your employees’ well-being at work, this modern alternative to the traditional ‘clocking in machine’ offers a reliable, simple way to record the time and attendance data you need. Unique fingerprint technology stops employees ‘clocking in’ for each other and reduces the risk of fraudulent behaviour or unannounced visitors on site.

Face Recognition

This type of biometric system uses advanced technology to recognise and match the unique characteristics of a person’s face for the purpose of identification and access to a restricted area or commercial premises. Our systems are extremely versatile and can be set up to meet your exact security requirements.

As well as supplying face recognition systems for the purposes of allowing access, we can also work with you to provide biometric equipment for other purposes, including retail marketing, international security at places like airports and train termini and on-site security for schools, college and universities. To find out more about this innovative technology, speak to one of our experts.

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