Information about us

www.ketondo.co.uk is a site worked by Ketondo Group UK Limited (we).

Service availability

Our site is expected for use by individuals occupant in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. We don't acknowledge orders from people outside those nations.

Your status

By putting in a request through our site, you warrant that:

  1. You are lawfully equipped for going into restricting contracts.
  2. You are at any rate 18 years of age;
  3. You are occupant in one of the Serviced Countries; and d. You are getting to our site from that nation.

How the Contract is formed between you and us

  1. After putting in a request, you will get an email from us recognizing that we have obtained your request. If it's not too much trouble note, this does not imply that your claim has been acknowledged. All applications are liable to acknowledgment by us, and we will affirm such acceptance to you by sending you an email that confirms that the Product has been despatched (the Despatch Confirmation). The agreement between us (Contract) may be framed when we send you the Despatch Confirmation.
  2. The Contract will relate just to those Products whose despatch we have affirmed in the Despatch Confirmation. We won't be obliged to supply whatever other Products which may have been a piece of your request until the despatch of such Products have been affirmed in a different Despatch Confirmation.

Consumer rights

  1. If you are contracting as a buyer, you may drop a Contract whenever inside seven working days, starting on the day after you got the Products. For this situation, you will get a full discount of the cost paid for the Products as per our discounts strategy (set out in clause nine underneath).
  2. To drop a Contract, you should illuminate us recorded as a hard copy (email or post) or by phone. You should likewise restore the Product(s) to us quickly, in a similar condition where you got them, and at your very own expense and hazard. You have a legitimate commitment to take practical consideration of the Products while they are in your ownership. On the off chance that you neglect to agree to this commitment, we may have a privilege of activity against you for payment.
  1. Details of your statutory right of wiping out, and a clarification of how to practice it, are given in the Order Confirmation. This arrangement does not influence your statutory rights.

Availability and Delivery

Your request will be satisfied inside a reasonable time of the date of the Despatch Confirmation, except if there are excellent conditions. See Delivery page for standard conveyance times.

Hazard and title

  1. The Products will be at your hazard from the season of conveyance.
  2. The title of products provided and the evenhanded proprietorship will stay with us the dealer until we have got full installment for all monies due regarding the merchandise, including conveyance charges.

Cost and instalment

  1. The cost of any Products will be as cited on our site, except in instances of an obvious mistake.
  2. Costs are at risk to change whenever, yet changes won't influence arranges regarding which we have effectively sent you a Despatch Confirmation.
  3. We are under no commitment to give the Product to you at the off base (lower) cost, even after we have sent you a Despatch Confirmation if the valuing blunder is apparent and unmistakeable and could have sensibly been perceived by you as a mis-evaluating.
  4. Installment for all Products for an official record must be by credit or platinum card. As of now, acknowledged tickets are Visa Debit, Visa Credit, Mastercard, and American Express. On the off chance that with our understanding we concede you a credit account office the accompanying conditions additionally apply;
  5. We may receipt you for the products whenever in the wake of accepting your request.
  6. Installment by you of the cost for the products is expected by the 30th day of the month following the month in which the receipt is dated
  7. You should distinguish to which receipt and additionally credit note any settlement relates. On the off chance that you neglect to do this, at that point we may, at its watchfulness, treat the agreement as though it had not been made or as settlement of your most established exceptional receipt.
  8. You will make installment to us regarding the receipt:
  1.                                  i.            with no set off (regardless of whether in connection to such arrival or something else) and
  2.                                ii.            in the money that the solicitations are rendered.
  3. Other than in connection to deficiencies or potentially picking mistakes inside a time of 3 working days following receipt of any receipt issued under condition F you will be qualified to informing us of any debates of things contained inside the arrival such notice provide every known detail of the explanations behind such question and your proposition to determine such contest.
  4. If you neglect to serve to see contesting any receipt inside the appropriate period, you will pay such revenue inside the period expressed in condition g.
  5. On the off chance that you serve to see questioning things of a receipt number condition j you will on the due date for instalment as per condition g pay that piece of the receipt, not all that contested. Any issues in the debate will allude for goals between assigned delegates of you and us.
  6. If not goals can concur, and there is no proof despite what might be expected, the result of our examination concerning a contested receipt will be complete.
  7. On the off chance that it is concurred or decided compliant with conditions j-m that
  1.                                    i.          If entireties are payable by you to us then these aggregates will be paid inside five extended working periods of such understanding or assurance or as per the pertinent period expressed in condition g whichever is later.
  2.                                  ii.          If any receipt issued by us cheated you then we will issue a credit note to you for such a sum together with all material VAT.


  1. If you neglect to make an instalment on the date due, at that point, without reference to some other right or cure accessible to us we will be qualified for;


  1.                                 i.            Bring an activity against you at the cost of the merchandise, although the property in the products has not gone to you.
  2.                               ii.            Charge enthusiasm on that instalment until the date of payment (both when judgment) on an everyday premise at a yearly rate of 4% above Coutts and Co-base rate now and again.
  3.                              iii.            Cancel the agreement or suspend any further conveyances to you without risk to you.
  4.                              iv.            Appropriate any installment made by you to such merchandise (or to such products as are provided under some other contract among you and us) as we may suspect fit (despite any indicated allotment by you).


  1.                               v.            Issue a notice to you following which all totals due under the agreement and some other contract among you and us will turn out to be quickly due and payable.
  2.                              vi.            Require the quick come back to us of all merchandise consented to be sold by us to you in which the property has not gone to you (as indicated in condition 7), and you agree to repay us upon interest our reasonable expenses or costs in recuperating such products.
  3.                            vii.            Claim pays for the recuperation of obligation and charges you for every reasonable expense acquired to recoup the debt.
  4.                          viii.            Set off any sums it might owe to you against such amounts because of it.
  5.                              ix.            Cancel or suspend any refunds, rewards or some other value decreases until the receipt has been settled in full.


Our profits and discounts strategy

  1. Statutory 'Chilling' Period - on the off chance that you have dropped the Contract between us inside the seven working days chilling period, we will process the discount because of you as quickly as time permits and, regardless, inside 30 days of the day you have pulled out of your retraction. For this situation, we will discount the cost of the Product in full, including the expense of sending the thing to you. Be that as it may, you will be in charge of the loss of restoring the job to us.

  1. Shortages - if you get a deficient conveyance, you should advise us by email or telephone inside three long working stretches of receipt of the transfer. We will explore and react to you inside three working days of your notice.


  1. Defective item - if the gear doesn't work or on the off chance that you believe the item to be blemished, you should advise us by email or telephone inside three extended working periods of receipt of the conveyance. We will organize gathering from you, and mastermind a substitution Product to be despatched inside five long moving stretches of accumulation. Items returned by you given an imperfection will be discounted in full, including a discount of the conveyance charges for sending the thing to you and a reasonable expense acquired by you in restoring the job to us.


  1. Wrong Product(s) conveyed - you should inform us by email or telephone inside three long working stretches of receipt of the conveyance. We will organize the accumulation of the item, and for the right, Product to be despatched, as initially requested inside five extended working periods of gathering. Then again, you may assume a discount and position another request on the site.


  1. Damaged Product - you should inform us by email or telephone inside three extended working periods of receipt of the conveyance. We will organize the gathering of the item, at that point, analyze the returned Product and will inform you of your substitution using email inside five long working stretches of accumulation.


  1. We will generally discount any cash got from you utilizing a similar technique initially used by you to pay for your buy.

Our risk 

  1. We warrant to you that any Product obtained from us through our site is of palatable quality and sensibly fit for every one of the reasons for which results of the sort usually are provided.
  2. Our obligation for misfortunes you endure because of us breaking this understanding, including conscious ruptures is carefully constrained to the price tag of the Product you acquired.
  3. This does exclude or restrain at all our risk:
    1. For death or individual damage brought about by our carelessness;
    2. Under segment 2(3) of the Consumer Protection Act 1987;
    3. For extortion or deceitful deception; or
    4. For any issue for which it would be illicit for us to bar, or endeavor to bar our risk.
    5. We are not in charge of aberrant misfortunes which occur as a reaction of the primary trouble or harm and regardless of whether such accidents result from a conscious break of these Terms by us that would qualify you for end the agreement between us, including yet not restricted to:
      1.                                  i.            loss of salary or income
      2.                                ii.            loss of business
      3.                              iii.            loss of benefits or contracts
      4.                              iv.            loss of foreseen reserve funds
      5.                                v.            loss of information, or
      6.                              vi.            misuse of the board or office time anyway emerging and whether brought about by tort (counting carelessness), the break of agreement or something else;
      7. given that this requirement 10.d will not counteract claims for loss of or harm to your substantial property that fall inside the terms of statement 10.a or condition 10.b or some other cases for a direct monetary misfortune that are not rejected by any of classes (a) to (f) comprehensive of this condition 10.4.

Composed Communications 

Material laws necessitate that a portion of the data or interchanges we send to you ought to be recorded as a hard copy. When utilizing our site, you acknowledge that correspondence with us will be electronic. We will get in touch with you by email or furnish you with data by posting sees on our site. For authoritative purposes, you consent to this electronic method for correspondence, and you recognize that all agreements, notification, data and different interchanges that we furnish to you electronically conform to any legitimate necessity that such communications be recorded as a hard copy. This condition does not influence your statutory rights.

Exchange of rights and commitments 

  1. The Contract among you and us is authoritative on you and us and our particular successors and doles out.
  2. You may not exchange, allot, charge or generally discard a Contract, or any of your rights or commitments emerging under it, without our earlier composed assent.
  3. We may exchange, appoint, charge, sub-contract or generally discard a Contract, or any of our rights or commitments emerging under it, whenever amid the term of the Contract.

Occasions beyond our ability to do anything about 

  1. We won't be at risk or in charge of any inability to perform or delay in execution of, any of our commitments under a Contract that is brought about by occasions outside our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event).
  2. A Force Majeure Event incorporates any demonstration, occasion, non-occurring, oversight or mishap past our reasonable control and incorporates into specific (without impediment) the accompanying:
    1.                                                          i.            strikes, lock-outs or other modern activity
    2.                                                        ii.            universal upheaval, revolt, intrusion, psychological militant assault or risk of fear-based oppressor assault, war  or danger or arrangement for war
    3.                                                      iii.            fire, blast, storm, flood, quake, subsidence, scourge or another cataclysmic event
    4.                                                      iv.            difficulty of the utilization of railroads, shipping, flying machine, engine transport or different methods for open or private transport
    5.                                                        v.            difficulty of the utilization of open or private media communications systems and
    6.                                                      vi.            the acts, orders, enactment, guidelines or confinements of any legislature.

  1. Our execution under any Contract is esteemed to be suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event proceeds, and we will possess an augmentation of energy for performance for the span of that period. We will utilize our sensible undertakings to wrap the Force Majeure Event up or to discover an answer by which our commitments under the Contract might be performed in spite of the Force Majeure Event.


  1. If we fall flat, whenever amid the term of a Contract, to demand exacting execution of any of your commitments under the Contract or any of these terms and conditions, or on the off chance that we neglect to practice any of the rights or solutions for which we are entitled under the Contract, this will not establish a waiver of such rights or cures and will not ease you from consistence with such commitments.
  2. A waiver by us of any default will not comprise a waiver of any ensuing default.
  3. No waiver by us of any of these terms and conditions will be successful except if it is explicitly expressed to be a waiver and is imparted to you recorded as a hard copy as per provision 12 above.


In the event that any of these terms and Conditions or any arrangements of a Contract are dictated by any skillful expert to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable to any degree, such term, condition or provision will to that degree be separated from the rest of the terms, conditions and rules which will keep on being substantial to the furthest reaches allowed by law.

Whole understanding 

  1. These terms and conditions and any report explicitly alluded to in them establish the entire understanding among us and supplant any past game plan, comprehension or agreement between us, identifying with the topic of any Contract.
  2. We each recognize that, in going into a Contract, (and the archives alluded to in it), neither of us depends on any announcement, portrayal, confirmation or guarantee (Representation) of any individual (regardless of whether involved with that Contract or not) other than as explicitly set out in these terms and conditions.
  3. Each of us concurs that the primary rights and cures accessible to us emerging out of or regarding a Representation will be for a break of the agreement as given in these terms and conditions.
  4. Nothing in this clause will restrain or prohibit any obligation for extortion.

Our entitlement to fluctuate these terms and conditions 

  1. We reserve the option to reexamine and revise these terms and conditions every once in a while to reflect changes in economic situations influencing our business, changes in innovation, changes in installment techniques and changes in significant laws and administrative prerequisites and changes in our framework's capacities.
  2. You will be liable to the arrangements and terms and conditions in power at the time that you request items from us, except if any change to those approaches or these terms and conditions is required to be made by law or administrative expert (in which case it will apply to orders recently put by you), or on the off chance that we tell you of the change to those strategies or these terms and conditions before we send you the Despatch Confirmation (where case we reserve the option to expect that you have acknowledged the change to the terms and conditions, except if you advise us in actuality inside seven long working stretches of receipt by you of the Products).

Law and ward 

Contracts for the buy of Products through our site and any debate or case emerging out of or regarding them or their topic or development will be represented by English law. Any question or case emerging out of or regarding such Contracts or their development (counting non-authoritative debates or arguments) will be liable to the non-restrictive ward of the courts of England and Wales.