Office Supplies & IT Support Services UK

Why Ketondo ?

Ketondo Office Solutions is one of the U.K.'s leading providers of Office Supplies and IT Support Services.

We provide our full range of quality Office Supplies & IT Support Services to clients, small and large all over the U.K., seamlessly allowing them to run more efficiently by helping them reduce the number of office suppliers they have to deal with which eventually reduces the overall cost of their procurement. By placing our clients at the heart of everything we do, we have built a strong reputation as the 'go to' company for an extensive range of business supplies and services.

    •                    Increase your business productivity by reducing your supply chain.
    •                    We specialize in working with all types of the organization all over the U.K.
    •                    We provide virtually every product and service needed for a business to run efficiently, from one single source, 
    •                    from general business supplies, printed products, and I.T. services, internal design and office fit out.
    •                    We have the resolution to help you run your business more efficiently.


Our wide ranges of products and services and our approach to the necessary management of supply chains were the key to our success. Since we had established our business in 2015, we have developed our expertise and services around the needs of our clients and our open and tailored approach has enabled many companies to considerably reduce the number of suppliers they deal with, simplifying their purchasing processes and reducing the overall cost of their procurement.

Our flexible, solutions suit companies of all sizes and shapes, from small start-ups to UK-wide to large business. Write to us and find out how we can help your business to grow and flourish.